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ROWIE - The Sun Collector

My favourite thing about being a model is the unpredictability of the job. Of course it can also be awful - you may not work for weeks on end, you may have a job shooting swimwear in the freezing cold or you may have to tie elastic bands around your face (cheers Rankin). But you can also be flown to the Maldives, acting with dogs or working with incredibly talented people. 

It’s kind of like every day is a mini lottery, as you find out about most jobs the night before. Anything can happen.

And in Australia, the adventures are endless. 


When I found out about this job literally all I was told was that I'd shoot in Sydney, then travel to Palm Beach (an hour from Sydney, where they filmed Home & Away) for the campaign. With no idea where I was staying or what the people would be like, I was a bit nervous.  

 What actually happened was I shot the look book in a studio with the lovely team, then drove to Palm Beach, got on a speedboat, zipped over to a hideaway island called Great Mackerel Beach and stayed the night in a gorgeous little beach shack. 

Luckily I didn't have to sleep in here!

Luckily I didn't have to sleep in here!


We woke up bright and early, and headed up to the most insane house I’ve ever seen. It was an adventure to get there, up lots of stairs and across wooden planks, but right on the edge of this little island was a magical house filled with seashells overlooking the ocean. 


I had an important realisation on this job which was that I should stop apologising for being a model, because it is pretty damn awesome. Working with amazingly talented people in such beautiful places that I would never get to go to otherwise - I should stop apologising for this opportunity and start owning it. I used to feel bad when people asked what I did for a living, but I began accepting myself. Apologising and overthinking was blocking me from appreciating all the good in my life.

From this day onwards, I decided to wake up every day and soak up every minute of it, every breath of fresh air & enjoy everything from sunshine to almond croissants. It has led me to be the happiest I've ever been, and attracted people who have the same appreciation for life.  


So I spent the day ridiculously overexcited (like, puppy dog enthusiastic) to be wearing Rowie’s incredible creations and to be there, appreciating life. Wade took my picture as I just floated around Mackerel beach eating grapefruit and playing with books in the sunshine, and they are some of my favourite images ever. 

Rowie's clothes are simplistically beautiful, great quality linen and perfect for the Australian summers as they are so easy to wear. She is based in Byron Bay and having now moved here myself I can see that her style is the epitome of how people dress here - carefree, cool playsuits and thrown-on-from-the-beach dresses with attention to material and detail. 


Another thing I love about this shoot is that this is how I actually look - not airbrushed, with loads of make up or unattainable. 

It was also a big turning point in my life because Wade then booked me for the Sunseeker campaign which was shot in Byron Bay, which was when I met my boyfriend and packed up to move here permanently. Thanks Wade! (and the universe). 


Appreciate how amazing life is, because there is beauty in everyone’s life, you just need to see that it’s there. 


Thank you to the amazing team that made this happen. Check out the rest of the images on Rowie's website and the Spell blog (both of which I am obsessed with)! 

Photographer Wade Edwards
Hair & Makeup  Gavin Anesbury
Stylist Marisa Sidoti
Stylist Assistant Maya Edin
Art Direction Rowie
Location The Little Black Shack
My amazing agency Chic Management


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